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İTÜ Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics aims to inspire the next generation of aviation leaders and shape the future of flight by revolutionizing aviation education and research, covering topics from unmanned aerial and space vehicles to commercial aircraft, and meteorology and cosmology.

Our Aeronautical Engineering, Meteorological Engineering and Astronautical Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by ABET (EAC).




Our undergraduate programs are also accredited by Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK).


Virtual Workshop-Modern Design of Experiments and Analytics for Teaching and Research Description

by Dilek Seyrek | Feb 07, 2023
Join this free 2 hours virtual workshop to learn how to teach and apply the latest data analysis, Design of Experiments and data visualization approaches used in industry. Live demos solving real-world problems in JMP software (which will be made available free of charge for a limited period for evaluation purposes) in conjunction with practical resources will inspire you about teaching, learning, and using data analytics best practices. - No prior knowledge of JMP or other data analysis software is required. - All content, demos, and practical resources to get started will be shared with the participants. - Certificates of attendance will be made available after the workshop. - Follow the preliminary registration to get your certificate of attendance.
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