Major Research Areas

The scientific research topics of the faculty members who teach in the Department of Meteorological Engineering cover a wide range of fields depending on their doctoral education:

  • Agricultural and forest meteorology

  • Weather analysis, prediction and modelling

  • Atmospheric radiation and boundary layer

  • The Sun-climate system interaction

  • Climate change and climate modelling

  • Atmosphere-ocean interactions

  • Solar and wind energy

  • Micrometeorology-mesometeorology

  • Physics of cloud and precipitation

  • Air pollution and air pollution modelling

  • Stratospheric ozone

  • Applications of chaos and non-linear dynamics

  • Hydrology-hydrometeorology

  • Water resources, their development, and operation

  • Flood - storm - avalanche - drought analysis

  • Architectural meteorology - urban meteorology

  • Biometeorology - medical meteorology

  • Flight, sea, and satellite meteorology

  • Military meteorology

  • Physics of upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere