Prof. Dr. Kasım KOÇAK



Phone: +90 212 285 3147
Fax: +90 212 285 2926
E-mail: kkocak@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://www3.itu.edu.tr/~kkocak
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Meteorological Engineering Department
34469 Maslak İstanbul Turkey



BSc Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1987
MSc: Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1992
PhD: Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1992


Brief Resume

1988: Commencement of academic career as a Research Assistant. 1998: Assigned as Assistant Professor, 2002: Assigned as Associate professor, 2010: Assigned as full professor

Area of interest: Chaos theory and its application to meteorological problems, analysis and prediction of nonlinear time series, analysis of dynamical systems, dynamics of hydro-meteorological processes, data analysis, atmospheric thermodynamics.


Selected Publications



  • Koçak., K. Şaylan, L., and Şen, O.: Nonlinear Time  Series Prediction of O3 Concentration in Istanbul. Atmospheric Environment, 34(8), pp: 1267-1271, 2000
  • Koçak, K.: A Method for Determination of Wind Speed Persistence and its Application. Energy, 27, pp:967-973, 2002
  • Koçak, K., Şaylan, L., and Eitzinger, J.: Nonlinear Prediction of Near-surface Temperature via Univariate and Multivariate Time Series Embedding. Ecological Modelling, 173(1), pp:1-7, 2004.
  • Koçak, K.: Practical Ways of Evaluating Wind Speed Persistence, Energy, 33, pp:65-70, 2008.
  • Koçak, K.: Examination of Persistence Properties of Wind Speed Record Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis. Energy, 34(11), pp:1980-1985, 2009.  
  • Orun, M., Koçak, K.: Application of Detrended Fluctuation Analysis to Temperature Data from Turkey. International Journal of Climatology, 29, pp:2130-2136, 2009.