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Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Meteorological Engineering Department, 34469 Maslak İstanbul Turkey



BSc Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 2000
MSc: Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 2002
PhD: Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 2010


Brief Resume


Dr. Demirhan Barı who has been working as a research assistant since 2001 in the faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics has ended her doctorate studies in April 2010. She started her Post-Doc studies at the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics, in Germany in March 2010 on the topic  of ‘Stationary waves in ozone and water vapour based on ODIN satellite data and CCM HAMMONIA’. Her scientific interests are application of satellite observations to study Northern Hemispheric stratospheric ozone variability, Middle Atmospheric Dynamics such as Brewer Dobson circulation, polar vortex and potential vorticity.


Selected Publications



  • D.Demirhan Barı, C.Kahya, S.Topçu, S.İncecik “Stratospheric Ozone Climatology and its Variability over Ankara”, Advances in Geosciences, June 2010, accepted.
  • B.Aksoy, S.Incecik, S.Topcu, D.Demirhan Bari, C.Kahya, Y.Acar, M.Ozunlu, M. Ekici  “Total Ozone over Ankara and its Forecasting using Regression Models”, Int. J. Rem. Sens., 30, 17,4387-4400, 2009. 
  • D. Demirhan, C.Kahya, S.Topcu, S. İncecik “Total ozone variation in South Eastern Europe”, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Special Edition, 26, 16, 3479 – 3486, 2005.
  • Kahya,C.,D.Demirhan,S.Topcu,S.İncecik “An examination of the lamination in the lower stratosphere and upper troposphere in a limited region of South Eastern Europe”, Int. J.Rem.Sens., 26, 3455, 2005