Assoc. Prof. Yurdanur S. ÜNAL



Phone: +90 212 285 3131
Fax: +90 212 285 2926
E-mail: sunal@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://www3.itu.edu.tr/~sunal
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Meteorological Engineering Department, 34469 Maslak İstanbul Turkey



BSc Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1984

Meteorological Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1988,
Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA, USA,1991

PhD: Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA, USA, 1995

Brief Resume

Research Interest
Climate Change and Climate Variability, Regional Climate Modeling


Selected Publications



  • Unal, Y.S., S. Incecik, S. Topcu and A. Oztopal,  Daily Peak Ozone Forecast in Istanbul, Inter. Journal of Remote Sensing,31, 1-2, 551-561,2009.
  • Unal, Y.S., T. Kındap and M. Karaca , ‘Redifining climate zones of Turkey using cluster analysis’, Int. Journal of Climatology, 23, 1045-1055,2004
  • S.Topcu, S.Incecik and Y.S.Unal, ‘The influence of meteorological conditions and stringent emision control on high TSP episodes in Istanbul’, Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research, 8,1-9,2001.
  • Cagatan K, and Y.S. Unal  Heat Wave Tendency in the Western Part of Turkey and Its Relation to Circulation Patterns, EGU General Assembly Vienna, Austria, 2010
  • Bıyık G,Y.S. Unal, and B. Onol, Assessment of Precipitation Forecast Accuracy over Eastern Black Sea Region using WRF-ARW, EGU General Assembly Vienna, Austria, 2010.
  • Unal,Y.S., H. Toros, A. Deniz and S. Incecik, “Wavelet Analysis of Annual Precipitation Variability in Turkey”, International Workshop IV on Application of Wavelets to Real World Preblems, 5-7 Haziran 2009, Kocaeli
  • Onol B and Y.S. Unal, “Expected Climate Change over Turkey under SRES A2 Scenario”, AOGS 2009, Singapur.
  • Unal,Y.S., H. Toros and A. Deniz, “Assessment of the Relationship between Dominant Circulation Patterns and Extreme Temperatures over Turkey”, AOGS 2009, Singapur.