Prof. Dr. Zahit MECİTOĞLU



Phone: +90 212 285 3119
Fax: +90 212 285 2926
E-mail: mecit@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://atlas.cc..itu.edu.tr/~mecit/
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Maslak 34469 İstanbul, Turkey



BSc Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey, 1982
MSc: Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey, 1984
PhD: Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey, 1988


Brief Resume


Dr. Mecitoğlu's primary research interest is in the area of advanced fiber-reinforced composite materials with applications to aircraft and spacecraft structures. His specialties include dynamic response and nonlinear behavior of laminated composite plates and shells, and finite element methods for structural analysis. Most of his work involves both analysis and experiments. His recent research topics include nonlinear dynamic behavior of composite and sandwich structures under blast load, vibrations of stiffened shells, effect of temperature dependent material properties on the dynamic behavior of structures. He is also involved in smart-structure design on actively controlling the response of the structures.

Dr. Mecitoğlu worked at Engineering Faculty of Uludağ University as a Research Assistant before joining the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at İstanbul Technical University. He served as a research Engineer at Marmara Research Center of The Scientific & Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) during 1989-1990. He worked in the project of MH-53J Structural Integrity (U.S. Army contract) at Aerospace Department of Georgia Institute of Technology at USA during 1990-1991. He has also served as rotor system team leader in Aviation Research and Development Project supported by Turkish Government Planning Organization (DPT). He is currently running a TÜBİTAK project on behavior of composite sandwich plates under blast loading. He also manages projects for the automotive industry. He is a reviewer for several renowned journals. He has graduated 4 Ph.D. students and has published more than 60 technical articles and reports. He is also the chairman of structures and materials course monitoring committee and a member of curriculum committee of FAA.

Principle Publications


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