Prof. Dr. Alim Rüstem ASLAN



Phone: +90 212 285 3118ROTAM: 0212 285 7189-140
Fax: +90 212 285 2926ROTAM: 0212 285 7190
E-mail: aslanr@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://www3.itu.edu.tr/~aslanr
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Maslak 34469 İstanbul, Turkey




BSc Aeronautical Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1983
MSc: Aeronautical Engineering, ITU Turkey, 1985
von Karman Institute, Belgium, 1986
PhD: von Karman Institute, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 1991


Brief Resume


Dr. Aslan is the head of the Astronautical Engineering Department since 2004. Dr. Aslan’s main research interests are in the areas of manned and unmanned rotorcraft systems, pico and nanosatellites, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics.  Dr. Aslan has authored or co-authored over seventy technical publications (full-length).  His twenty-two research projects have been sponsored by various civil and military funding agencies and the industry.   Dr. Aslan has served as the research director and dissertation/thesis adviser of two doctoral, many master's and undergraduate students.  He has taught more than fiftheen different courses, at the graduate and the undergraduate levels, in the areas of aerospace engineering.   In 2000, Dr. Aslan was awarded the Istanbul Technical University President’s Service Medal for his contributions to the advancement of the university.  Dr. Aslan has co-organized eigth national/international symposia and workshops.  He contributes to the planning of national space policy and unmanned air vehicle systems roadmap. He is a founding member of the Turkish Amateur Satellite Club, AMSAT-TR (TAMSAT).  He is also a technical team member in NATO RTO-AVT171 on ‘multifunctional structures and system technologies for small spacecraft’.  Dr. Aslan has just completed a TUBITAK project entitled ‘Pico-satellite design, and development of engineering and flight models’. Within this project, the first Turkish made satellite ITUpSAT1 was designed, manufactured, tested and launched successfully in to the orbit on September 23, 2009. Due to the success of ITUpSAT1, Dr. Aslan and project team members received several awards on ‘The best national technical achievement of 2009’. Dr. Aslan reviews papers for several international journals and acts as consultant and inspector for large scale national and industrial projects. Dr. Aslan regularly delivers seminars and speeches on space technologies in different institutions such as elementary and high schools, clubs, universities, retirement houses, meetings, TV programs, etc. to increase ‘space awareness’ of the general public. 


Principle Publications


  • H.E Söken, A.R. Aslan and C. Hacıyev, ‘Attitude Determination and Control of Future Small Satellites’, NATO RTO AVT-171 Workshop on Multifunctional Structures and System Technologies for Small Spacecraft, 12-16 April, Antalya, Turkey, 2010.
  • A.R. Aslan, Rapid prototype studies and applications in ITU-FAA. US-Turkey Workshop on Rapid Technologies, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, September 24-25, 2009. 
  • H. Ibacoglu, A. Guven, T. Mutlu, K. Anbarci, A. R. Aslan and H. T. Belek. Performance tests of  the RIHA1 platform. The 3rd International Basic Research Conference on Rotorcraft Technology, Nanjing, China, Oct. 14 - 16, 2009.
  • H. Ibacoglu, T. Mutlu, K. Anbarci, and A. R. Aslan, Design of an unmanned rotorcraft platform RIHA2. The 3rd International Basic Research Conference on Rotorcraft Technology, Nanjing, China, Oct. 14 - 16, 2009.
  • H. Ibacoglu, A. Guven, M. S. Kay, T. Mutlu, K. Anbarci, and A. R. Aslan, Design and production of an unmanned rotorcraft platform (RIHA). AIAC13, 7th Australian Pacific Vertiflite Conference on Helicopter Technology, Melbourne, Australia, 9 - 12 March, 2009.
  • Melahat Cihan, Ozan Oğuz Haktanır, İlke Akbulut and A.Rüstem Aslan, 'Flight Dynamic Analysis of ITUpSAT1', International Workshop on Small Satellites, New Missions and New Technologies, , 5-7 June 2008, İstanbul, Turkey, 2008.
  • C.Kurtuluş, T. Baltacı, B. Toktamış, I. Akbulut, O. O. Haktanır, G. Inalhan, M. F. Ünal and A. R. Aslan ‘İTÜ pSAT I: Getting Ready For Launch’, International Workshop on Small Satellites , New Missions and New Technologies, 5-7 June, İstanbul, Turkey, 2008.
  • C. Sabuncu and A. R. Aslan, Aeroacoustics of  vehicle side mirrors. Inter-Noise, The 36th International Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering, Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre, Istanbul, Turkey, 28-31 August 2007.
  • L. Şen, B. Zafer, C. F. Delale and A. R. Aslan, Asypmtotic predictions and full numerical solution of helicopter rotor noise in far field. 4th Ankara International Aerospace Conference, METU, Ankara, AIAC-2007-061, 10-12 September 2007.
  • Kurtulus, T. Baltacı, M. Ulusoy, B. T. Aydın, B. Tutkun, G. İnalhan, O. Ç. Yıldırım, T. B. Karyot, C. Yarım, F. O. Edis, Ç. Hajiyev, A. R. Aslan and M. F. Ünal, İTÜ- pSAT I: Istanbul Technical University Student Pico-Satellite Program, Recent Advances in Space Technologies 2007, Istanbul, Turkey, 14-16 June 2007.
  • E. Öner and A. R. Aslan, Analysis of helicopter rotor flow field in hover and forward flight. 12th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, ISFV12-2006-297, Göttingen, 10-14 September 2006. 
  • F. E. Ölçer and A. R. Aslan, Flow field assessment of full rotorcraft model. 12th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, ISFV12-2006-298, Göttingen, 10-14 September 2006. 
  • G. Çetin and A. R. Aslan, Design and performance analysis of a micro coaxial rotorcraft. Ankara International Aerospace Conference, AIAC-2005-030, Ankara, 22-25 August 2005.