Asst. Prof. Demet BALKAN



Phone: +90 212 285 31 98
Fax: +90 212 285 29 26
E-mail: kececidem@itu.edu.tr
Web Page:
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Department of Astronautical Engineering
Maslak 34469 İstanbul, Turkey


BSc Astronautical Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 2000
MSc: Aerospace Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 2005
PhD: Aerospace Engineering , ITU, Turkey, Continuing

Brief Resume

Demet BALKAN was born in 1978 in Osmancık/ÇORUM. She completed her secondary schooling at İstanbul Nişantaşı High School and joined ITU Aerospace Engineering Faculty in1995. She got BSc in 2000 and MSc in 2005. She enrolled in doctorate programme in Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering Department in 2005. She is married and has a son.


Principle Publications


  • Balkan, D., Mecitoğlu, Z., “Dynamic  Response of a Sandwich plate with Viscoelastic Core Under Blast Load.”, 7th EUROMECH Solid Mechanics Conference, 7-11 September 2009, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Balkan, D, Acar, O., Turkmen, H. S., Mecitoğlu, Z., “Transient Response of a Laminated Sandwich Plate with Viscoelastic Core Subjected to Air Blast: Theory and Experiment.”, 11th International Conference on Structures Under Shock and Impact, 28-30 July 2010, Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Tengiz, E., Balkan D., Turkmen, H. S., Mecitoğlu, Z., “Dynamic Behaviour of The Laminated Sandwich Plate with a Stepwise Graded Viscoelastic Core.”, The 10th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, 14-17 September 2010, Valencia, Spain.
  • Acar, O., Balkan D., Turkmen, H. S., Mecitoğlu, Z., “Dynamic Response of a Laminated Composite Plate with Viscoelastic Stiffeners Under Blast