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Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technologies), Rusya, 1981


Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technologies), Rusya, 1981


Moscow, USSR, 1987 (Ph.D.)

Moscow, USSR, 1993 (D.Sc.)



Brief Resume

Chingiz  Hajiyev  was  born  on  November  29,  1958 in the Kelbecer, Azerbaijan Republic. In  1981  he  graduated  from  Moscow Aviation Institute  (State University of Aerospace Technologies, Moscow, Russia) with  honour diploma on the field  of  “Automatic  and  Information  Systems” (B.Sc. & M.Sc.  degrees). He  received the  Ph.D.  and   D.Sc.(Eng.) degrees  in  Process  Control  from Superior  Certifying Commission  at  the  Council  of Ministers  of the USSR from  Azerbaijanian   Scientific  and  Production  Association  (ASPA) “Neftgazavtomat”  (Sumgait, Azerbaijan), in  1987  and  1993, respectively.

From  1987  to  1994  he  worked  as  a  Scientific Worker, Senior  Scientific  Worker,  Chief  of  the Information-Measurement Systems Dept.   at  the ASPA “Neftgazavtomat”. Since  1994  to  1996  he  was  a  Leading - Scientific  Worker  at  the  Institute  of  Cybernetics  of  the  Academy  of  Sciences  of  Azerbaijan  Republic. He  was  also  a  Professor  in  the  Department  of  Electronically-Calculated  System  Design , Azerbaijan  Technical  University, where  he  had  been  teaching  1995-1996. 

Since  1996  he  has  been  with  Department  of   Aeronautics  and  Astronautics, Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey), where  he  is  currently  a  Professor. 
He has more than 400 scientific publications including 10 books and  more than 200 international journal and international conference papers. 65 research papers are published in the Science Citation Index (SCI) journals. He is a full Member of the  International Academy of  Navigation and Motion Control (Saint Petersburg, Russia).      He  was  awarded  a  grant   by the International  Science  Foundation (USA)  (1993) and he received the Best Paper Award in the 13th International Carpathian Control Conference (2012). 

He is on the Editorial  Board  of the following International Journals:

•    Aircraft  Engineering  and  Aerospace  Technology: An  International  Journal (Bingley, UK).
•    The Scientific World Journal (New York, USA) 
•    “Positioning”  Journal. Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
•    International Journal of Sustainable Aviation  (IJSA). Inderscience Publishers.
•    Journal of Frontiers in Aerospace Engineering (FAE). World Academic Publishing Inc.
•    Selçuk Journal of  Applied Mathematics (SJAM): An  International Scientific Journal (Konya, Turkey).

He is a Consulting  Editor  of  the  Contemporary  Who's Who (USA), on the Advisory Board and Scientific Committee of the  EleCoKS – International Electronics and Communication Knowledge Society, on the Board of the WSEAS (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society) Turkish Chapter of Automatic Control, Member of the International Frequency Sensors Association (IFSA) and Sensors Community .

He is a Reviewer for the following SCI journals: ISA (The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society of America) Transactions; Control Engineering Practice (A Journal of IFAC, the International Federation of   Automatic Control); Measurement  (A Journal of  IMEKO, the International Measurement Confederation); IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics; Journal of Aerospace Engineering (American Society of Civil Engineers, USA); Information Sciences, An International Journal; Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. 

His  research  interest  include  system identification, fault  detection and isolation, fault  tolerant  aircraft  control  system  design, reconfigurable flight control systems, Kalman filtering  and   integrated  navigation  systems.


Selected Publications


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