Prof. Dr. Metin Orhan KAYA



Phone: +90 212 285 3110
Fax: +90 212 285 2926
E-mail: kayam@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://www3.itu.edu.tr/~kayam
Address: İTÜ Uçak ve Uzay Bilimleri Fakültesi, Uçak Mühendisliği Bölümü
Maslak Kampüsü 34469 Maslak İstanbul




BSc Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey, 1984
MSc: Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey,1987
PhD: Aeronautical Enginnering, ITU, Turkey,1992


Brief Resume

Dr Kaya received all three of his degrees (BS 1984, MS 1987, and Ph.D. 1992) from Istanbul Technical University,  He joined the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of ITU as a research assistant then one year later transferred to Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  Since 1989 he is member of Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics where he holds the rank of Professor.  He had been in Construcciones Aeronauticas, SA, Spain at  Aeroelastic Design Department between 1992-1993. His PhD dissertation was on Discrete Vortex Method of Karman Vortex Street-Edge Interaction. Currently he is working on airplane and rotorcraft aeroelasticity, vibrations of elastic bodies, applied mathematics. Dr. Kaya has published over 80 technical papers in journals and conference proceedings.


Selected Publications


  • Kaya MO, Ozgumus OO, Energy Expressions and Free Vibration Analysis of a Rotating Uniform Timoshenko Beam Featuring Bending-torsion Coupling, JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND CONTROL, 16(6), 915-934, 2010
  • Ozgumus OO, Kaya MO, Vibration analysis of a rotating tapered Timoshenko beam using DTM, MECCANICA, 45(1), 33-42, 2010
  • Kaya MO, Demirbag SA, Application of parameter expansion method to the generalized nonlinear discontinuity equation, CHAOS SOLITONS & FRACTALS, 42(4), 1967-1973, 2009
  • Zengin FO, Kaya MO, Demirbag SA, Approximate period calculation for some strongly nonlinear oscillation by He's parameter-expanding methods, NONLINEAR ANALYSIS-REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS, 10(4), 2177-2182, 2009
  • Kaya MO, Ozgumus OO, Flexural-torsional-coupled vibration analysis of axially loaded closed-section in composite Timoshenko beam by using DTM, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION , 306 (3-5), 495-506, 2007
  • Ozgumus OO, Kaya MO, Energy expressions and free vibration analysis of a rotating double tapered Timoshenko beam featuring bending-torsion coupling, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 45 (2-8), 562-586, 2007
  • Ozdemir O, Kaya MO, Flapwise bending vibration analysis of a rotating tapered cantilever Bernoulli-Euler beam by differential transform method, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, 289 (1-2), 2006
  • Uzal E, Kaya MO, Ozkol I, Impedance of a cylindrical coil over an infinite metallic half-space with shallow surface features, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 86(4), 2311-2317, 1999
  • Kaya MO, Kaykayoglu CR, Numerical simulation of a self-sustained wake-edge interaction, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, 10(3), 215-236, 1996
  • Ozcan O, Kaya MO, Shock-Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction at a Swept Compression Corner, AIAA JOURNAL, 27(11), 1646-1648, 1989