Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan İNALHAN




Phone: +90 212 285 3190
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E-mail: inalhan@itu.edu.tr
Web Page: http://cal.uubf.itu.edu.tr
Address: İTÜ Uçak ve Uzay Bilimleri Fakültesi,
Uçak Mühendisliği Bölümü
Maslak Kampüsü 34469 Maslak İstanbul



BSc Aeronautical Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1997
MSc: Aerospace Engineering, Stanford University, USA, 1998

Aerospace Engineering, Stanford University, USA, 2004


Brief Resume


Gokhan Inalhan is an Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering and serves as the director of the Controls and Avionics Laboratory. Between 2004 and 2006 he had worked as a Postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this period he had led the Communication and Navigation group in the MIT-Draper Laboratory NASA CER project. He is a member of IEEE Technical Committee on Aerospace Control, NATO Research Technology Organization (RTO) Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) Group, and Ministry of Defence Air and Space Technologies Panel. He is also co-director of the Defense Technologies Graduate Program. His research focus includes manned/unmanned air vehicle flight controls, spacecraft design and controls, avionics systems, non-linear flight controls for agile maneuvering combat vehicles, group coordination of unmanned air vehicles and high-precision navigation systems.


Selected Publications


  • İnalhan G., “Decentralized Optimization with Independent Decision Makers – Applications on Aerospace Problems”, ISBN:978-3-639-02579-8, VDM Verlag, 2008.
  • Koyuncu E., Ure, N. K., Inalhan, G., “Integration of Path/Maneuver Planning in Complex Environments for Agile Maneuvering UCAVs”, Journal of Intelligent and Robotics Systems, vol. 57, n. 1-4, January 2010, p. 143-170, Springer, 2010.
  • Aksugur, M., Inalhan, G., “Design Methodology of a Hybrid Propulsion Driven Electric Powered Miniature Tailsitter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, Journal of Intelligent and Robotics Systems, vol. 57, n.1-4, January 2010, p. 505-529, Springer, 2010.
  • Ateş, S., Bayezit, İ. ve İnalhan, G., “Design and Hardware–in–the–Loop Integration of a UAV Microavionics System in a Manned–Unmanned Joint Airspace Flight Network Simulator”, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 54, 359-386 (2009).
  • Koyuncu, E., Inalhan, G., “Dynamically Feasible Probabilistic Motion Planning in Complex Environments for UAVs”, Robotics 2010 Current and Future Challenges, Edited by Houssem Abdellatif, ISBN 978-953-7619-78-7,  Publishing date: February 2010
  • Arslan, O., Armağan, B. ve İnalhan G., “Development of a Mission Simulator for design and testing of C2 Algorithms and HMI Concepts across Real and Virtual Manned-Unmanned Fleets”, Optimization and Cooperative Control Strategies, Volume 381/2009, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Springer Berlin, 2008. 
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